The ozone lamp is the one piece of equipment that you can only purchase from a professional supplier. The lamps are known for their cleanliness and disinfection properties, they are used to kill bacteria and germ-like organisms, and for removing toxic dusts from carpets, upholstery and clothing in homes.

Ozone lamps are quite efficient and they are capable of removing all kinds of dirt, stains, grease, mud and grease from carpets, upholstery and furniture. The lamp has two chambers that produce different amounts of ozone. The chamber that produces the higher level of ozone is what we use when cleaning or disinfecting our carpet and upholstery. esterilizador portátil has chemicals that are designed to kill any bacteria and germs that have been present on the carpet.

Many people do not realize that the indoor air quality in their home is deteriorating, this is due to the pollution that they are causing by using harmful household chemicals such as paint thinner, paints, oils and aerosols. The pollution will eventually build up over time and cause health problems for everyone. The only solution for this is to clean the indoor air first before any treatment takes place. The ozone lamp will remove most of the dirt that can be found in your home and make the air cleaner and healthier. This will prevent other health related problems and make you feel more comfortable.

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