Although, there are various places to visit and places to stay when you are in Greece Mykonos, it is best to stay close to the town no matter what kind of residence you choose.

Because all the important things are happening close to the town and when you are nearby it is impossible for you to miss out on any important events. First thing first, you have to breathe in nature in yourself, and that can only happen if you are out there enjoying on a beach.

Next in this Greece Mykonos Guide you can make your trip both purposeful and leisure by enjoying the day and night parties, exploring beautiful places and of course enjoying the tasty Greece food.

And there is more; you can do skydiving, boat surfing and take part in other sports events to make your trip more fulfilling and exciting.

Things to do in Mykonos

The first and foremost priority would be beaches, where you can hang out, have a sunbath or party even but there is a lot to do when you are Mykonos that it is even common to lose track of time. So, here goes;

  1. Mykonos Town; One of the most amazing and historically preserved towns in Mykonos, the main convincing factor would be that if you are interested in ancient Greek History this is the place you visit.
  2. Little Venice; The most scenic areas in whole Mykonos, the sunsets and sunrises and the overall experience from above the ocean would make you feel pleasant and amazing.
  3. Mykonos Windmills; If it isn’t the windmills? Mykonos windmills offer the most panoramic and beautiful view of the whole island, there are a bunch of them, so don’t miss out to nature.
  4. Paraportiani Church; There are almost 365 churches in Mykonos island but the most famous one is Paraportiani specifically for its architecture, and the white paint makes it more splendid to visit.
  5. Ano Mera Village; If you want to have a brief glimpse at the quiet island life this village should be your itinerary. Even in Mykonos 2019 Trends, this village is amazing with many artifacts in the form of preserved history, do visit and live out there to experience the island life.