Bendable Winky

TSX Sex Toys bring you another wonderful pleasure tool with the Bendable Winky. This toy features a unique design which can bring you wonderful waves of pleasure, and practically unlimited ways to use it. This flexible friend will give you an experience to remember.

The Bendable Winky has a wire in the middle which allows you to bend it into any shape you want. You can shape it to match the internal contours of your body, or into whatever shape you want to bring you thrills of pleasure. You can bend it into just the right angle to sensually massage all your right spots. Visibility park is covered in body safe PVC, and is shaped into a detailed, quite realistic penis.

The Bendable Winky is a flesh coloured dildo, with eleven inches of length. It has a pair of realistically shaped balls at the end. Of its eleven inches of length, nine inches of insertable length. This makes is perfect for deep anal penetration, or vaginal penetration. The width at it’s slimmest point is one and a half inches, and at its widest points, it has a width of an inch and three quarters. The Bendable Winky has a minimum circumference of four and three quarter inches, and a maximum circumference of five inches.

You can use your Bendable Winky for some alone pleasure time, or you can incorporate it into your sexual adventures with your partner. The choice is entirely up to you. The Bendable Winky can be used for both men and women, and it can be bent to suit both. The balls can be used as both a goal for you to accomplish balls deep penetration, and they add extra pleasure as they rub your external hot spots, while the shaft works its magic on your internal ones.

The Bendable Winky can be used by beginners to anal play, but it comes with a sachet of personal lubricant. You can start by massaging your butt, and then applying a personal lubricant that has been formulated to be safe for use with toys. While the Bendable Winky does come with a sachet of personal lubricant, this is only good for one use. As we know that you’re going to want to use your Bendable Winky again and again, we recommend make sure that you have a larger supply of personal lube. We have a range of lubricants that are toy safe and can add to your pleasure. When you’ve experienced all the thrills that the Bendable Winky can give you, make sure that you clean it with a toy safe cleaning solution, like the ones in our range.

The Bendable Winky will quickly become one of your go to toys when you want an earth shattering orgasmic thrill, that nothing else could ever bring you.

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